Chin Christian Church, Ottawa ih thuanthu tawi
Chin mi pawl mah ṭong teih Pathian kan biak tlang theinak dingah tin ni 06 December thla 2003 kumah Ottawa Chin Believers Fellowship (OCBF) cu dinsuah asi.

Fellowship in kum 7 lai kan fehpi hnuah, Fellowship cu a hngetdeuh lo Church in ding lawlaw sehla tin kan tum ṭheunan kan thleng suak thei dah lo.

Cutin ni 11 June thla 2011 kumah Assambly Meeting nak kan neiih, cunah ih a ratu mipi lungkim nak in Ottawa Chin Believers Fellowship (OCBF) cu Chin Christian Church (CCC) tin kan thleng a si.

Zo kan si?
Chin Christian Church member pawl cu Myanmar (Burma) ram ihsin a ra mi Chin ṭong a hmang tu pawl kan si.

Ziang ruangah Chin Christian Church kan ti?
Chin Christian Church kan ti nak cu kan Chin mi pawl hmunkhat tein Chin ṭong te thawn Pathian kan thangṭhat tlang theinak dingah tin leh Kawhhran-Pawl dangdang kan um ruangah hmunkhat tein Pathian kan thangṭhat tlang thei nak dingah tin CCC kan hman nak asi.

Ziang kan tuah?
Chin Christian Church cu Pathian thu tawn pakhat le pakhat tha zaang pekawk, culo a dang aṭul mi pawl khal pakhat leh pakhat bawmawk, Chin ṭong thawn Pathian thang
hat, Kan faate pawl Pathian thu thawn kaihhruai.

Tumtah mi a tlang pi
  • Pathian thu ih hruaiawk
  • Thlarau lam ṭhansohnak dingih hmalak
  • Zumlo tu pawl hnenih thuthangṭha sim
  • Farah, zonzai, leh rethei mi pawl bawm

Brief history of Chin Christian Church, Ottawa
In December 06, 2003, Ottawa Chin Believers Fellowship (OCBF) was founded for the purpose of  worshipping God freely, using our mother tongue which is Chin.

Earlier for 7 years we were known as a fellowship (OCBF), and we had planned to become a church since then.

By the grace of God, on June 11, 2011 we finally succeeded in changing our name from Ottawa Chin Believers Fellowship (OCBF) to Chin Christian Church (CCC).

Who are we ?
The members of Chin Christian Church are basically from Myanmar (Burma) who speak Chin language.

Why we chose Chin Christian Church?
We chose Chin Christian Church in order to maintain unity among our people which consists of various denominations.

What we do?
Chin Christian Church member are constantly encouraging one another through the word of God. Also, we help each other in times of need, Moreover, worshipping in Chin language helps us guide our children in the right path.

Main Objectives
  • Guide one another by the Word of God.
  • Seeking for the Holy spirit's guidance in all our church activities.
  • To spread God's word.
  • To help the needy and the under-privileged.